10 ways to stop your child swearing

Learn the 10 best strategies to use if your child swears. From not overreacting, explaining the meaning of words or even ‘wear out the word.’

Why are you an angry parent?

Are you an angry parent? Do you shout, threaten or punish your child? What are the six reasons you lose your temper? And how can you stop it?

6 Secrets to Stop Sibling Rivalry Ruining Your Life!

Sibling rivalry can bring out the worst in children, and ruin life at home. Here are six secrets to stop sibling rivalry.

Your Child’s Anger Language (And How to Change it)

Your child’s ‘anger language’ can be hurtful and unkind. So what does your child say? What do they mean? And how can you teach your child to be respectful?

Anger is like a balloon

With children, anger builds– like blowing up a balloon. Then something small can happen and the balloon bursts. But what makes it worse? What helps to reduce anger? And what are 3 tips you can use to as a parent to reduce angry outbursts?

Return to School After Coronavirus

Why is it important for children’s mental health to allow them to restart school this September? And how can you make the transition back to school as smooth as possible?

Coronavirus school closures – 10 Ways to Cope With Your Child at home 24/7

is your child’s school or nursery shut, due to Coronavirus? Here are 10 great ideas to keep your child entertained and spend some quality time with them.

Many parents are at a complete loss at how to handle an angry child

Do you have an angry child? Here are 10 effective ways to help your child to calm down when they’re annoyed, frustrated or have an outburst.

One Big Mistake Parents Make that can Mess Up Children for Life

The big mistake YOU could be making, as a parent, that could damage your child’s mental health, self-esteem, self-reliance and confidence.

7 steps to raise a child who will make a real difference in the world

Here are 7 practical steps you can take to help your child feel happy and able and achieve success in life.

Chat, Play, Read: Top 10 Tips

These top ten tips are being used by the Department of Education to help parents interact more with their pre-school children. Which ones are YOU using?

Things Your Child’s Teacher Wants You to Know

Why it’s good to work with your child’s school and support the teacher. So, your child becomes well-educated, respectful, hard-working, well-rounded and self-disciplined.

Is Your Parenting Damaging Your Child?

Here are the seven ‘deadly sins’ that many parents commit, that can stop a child flourishing and achieving their full potential in life.

Love Isn’t Enough

Many parents are loving, generous, kind and compassionate but don’t know how to set rules, or discipline calmly and effectively. How about you?

Is your child in charge at home?

Does your child rule the TV? Insist on the red cup? Or decide who reads their bedtime story? Here are 5 simple ways to deal with over-demanding or unreasonable behaviour.

The Technology Time Bomb

The use of technology can a child’s erode social skills and damage family life. Here are 6 simple steps to get back in charge of the electronics at home.

How to give your child a ‘victim mentality’

If you do these eight things, if can encourage your child to believe they are one of life’s victims. Plus, make it more likely they’ll be dependent on you for the rest of your life.

Are you raising a future flatmate-from-hell?

Could you be, inadvertently, raising a child who won’t wash up the dishes, steals milk or food from the fridge, won’t take the bin bag out, and won’t tidy up after themselves?

Punishing Children Doesn’t Work!

To discipline comes from the word ‘disciple’ which means to teach. But if you shouldn’t punish a child, how can you teach them to learn from mistakes?

The Secret to Defusing a Child’s Anger, Upset or Tantrum

What is the secret skill that will de-escalate your child’s big emotions, nine times out of ten? And what 6 steps can you follow if you want to defuse your child’s anger?

HOW to Give Your Child Unconditional Love

If you didn’t receive unconditional love as a child, how can you give it to YOUR child? Here are 6 simple steps to show you what to do.

5 Steps to Reduce Your Child’s Screen Time

Understand WHY you’re limiting screen time, decide the rules then discuss and agree them, be utterly consistent, then help your child work out what else they can do.

10 Reasons Children Shouldn’t Play Adult Rated Video Games

Here are 10 great reasons to explain to your child why they can’t play video games that are meant for adults or older children.

How to Talk to your Child About Terror Attacks

Terror attacks and disturbing news can traumatise children. Help reduce your child’s fears and worries using these 11 steps.