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Family Meals- Why Eating Together is so Important.

Research shows huge benefits and improved life outcomes of eating together. But how do you achieve family meals with a busy family and the pressures of daily life?

Why being consistent with discipline is the key to cooperative children

This tried-and-tested technique is the magic key to solve the ‘hot spots’ in the daily routines such as getting ready for school and mealtimes. Say adios to the chaos.

Stir crazy. Helping children to get enough exercise.

Good physical health = Good mental health. Read these tips to help develop their coordination whilst also making your kids feel great. Spoiler – you have to lead by example.

Have Kids. No money.

Do you know how to economise and still provide your family with the basics? These are the top tips for economising I learned the hard way when we experienced tough times.

Noticing the good, ignoring the bad?

Improve your relationship with every member of your family using the ‘descriptive praise’ technique. Stop the nagging and see the improvements.

How can we train children to be responsible?

Give your kids these manageable responsibilities, called the ‘magical milestones of childhood’ and hoodwink them into being responsible and independent.