Welcome to my blog with over a hundred articles. These are drawn from my 30 years’ experience raising babies, toddlers, children and teenagers, and 9 years’ working as a parenting coach. For specialist parenting advice and guidance on tackling children’s difficult behaviour or how to be a better parent.

10 ways to stop your child swearing

Learn the 10 best strategies to use if your child swears. From not overreacting, explaining the meaning of words or even ‘wear out the word.’

4 great ways to teach a child impulse control

Does your child get angry without thinking? Teach them these 4 impulse control methods to control to help them think before they act.

7 ways to stop your child getting angry when they lose

Does your child cry or get angry when they lose a game? If you invest a bit of time implementing these seven skills, your child is going to find it easier making and keeping friends, dealing with playground life, and losing a game on the sports field.

5 reasons your child only rages at home

Does your child rage and get angry at home? Yet behave like a decent human being when they’re at school or at another child’s home. What are the five most common reasons children save their worst behaviour for home?

Why are you an angry parent?

Are you an angry parent? Do you shout, threaten or punish your child? What are the six reasons you lose your temper? And how can you stop it?

6 Secrets to Stop Sibling Rivalry Ruining Your Life!

Sibling rivalry can bring out the worst in children, and ruin life at home. Here are six secrets to stop sibling rivalry.

Your Child’s Anger Language (And How to Change it)

Your child’s ‘anger language’ can be hurtful and unkind. So what does your child say? What do they mean? And how can you teach your child to be respectful?

Anger is like a balloon

With children, anger builds– like blowing up a balloon. Then something small can happen and the balloon bursts. But what makes it worse? What helps to reduce anger? And what are 3 tips you can use to as a parent to reduce angry outbursts?

7 ways to teach your angry child to calm down

Self-soothing is a vital skill for your child to use. Particularly if your child has an angry outburst. Here are 7 effective ways you can teach your child, to help them calm down. From deep breaths to creating a calm box.

10 Warning Signs Your Child Has Anger Issues

What are the 10 warning signs your child has anger issues? Children have to deal with a lot when they’re growing up. Every child gets angry from time to time. That’s normal. But how do you know if your child needs help?

Return to School After Coronavirus

Why is it important for children’s mental health to allow them to restart school this September? And how can you make the transition back to school as smooth as possible?

10 Steps to Care for Yourself – While You Care for Your Kids

During the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s vital that you look after yourself, to make sure that everyone at home is happy.
So, how do you do that during enforced isolation? These 10 steps will help you achieve peace of mind and stop feeling guilty when you give yourself a bit of self-care!