Welcome to my blog with over a hundred articles. These are drawn from my 30 years’ experience raising babies, toddlers, children and teenagers, and 9 years’ working as a parenting coach. For specialist parenting advice and guidance on tackling children’s difficult behaviour or how to be a better parent.

25 things children should be doing

It is your job, as a parent to raise your child to become a responsible adult who can care for themselves, with all the life skills they need. Is YOUR child doing all these?

Things Your Child’s Teacher Wants You to Know

Why it’s good to work with your child’s school and support the teacher. So, your child becomes well-educated, respectful, hard-working, well-rounded and self-disciplined.

Is Your Parenting Damaging Your Child?

Here are the seven ‘deadly sins’ that many parents commit, that can stop a child flourishing and achieving their full potential in life.

Love Isn’t Enough

Many parents are loving, generous, kind and compassionate but don’t know how to set rules, or discipline calmly and effectively. How about you?

Is your child in charge at home?

Does your child rule the TV? Insist on the red cup? Or decide who reads their bedtime story? Here are 5 simple ways to deal with over-demanding or unreasonable behaviour.

The Technology Time Bomb

The use of technology can a child’s erode social skills and damage family life. Here are 6 simple steps to get back in charge of the electronics at home.

How to give your child a ‘victim mentality’

If you do these eight things, if can encourage your child to believe they are one of life’s victims. Plus, make it more likely they’ll be dependent on you for the rest of your life.

Are you raising a future flatmate-from-hell?

Could you be, inadvertently, raising a child who won’t wash up the dishes, steals milk or food from the fridge, won’t take the bin bag out, and won’t tidy up after themselves?

Punishing Children Doesn’t Work!

To discipline comes from the word ‘disciple’ which means to teach. But if you shouldn’t punish a child, how can you teach them to learn from mistakes?

The Secret to Defusing a Child’s Anger, Upset or Tantrum

What is the secret skill that will de-escalate your child’s big emotions, nine times out of ten? And what 6 steps can you follow if you want to defuse your child’s anger?

HOW to Give Your Child Unconditional Love

If you didn’t receive unconditional love as a child, how can you give it to YOUR child? Here are 6 simple steps to show you what to do.

5 Steps to Reduce Your Child’s Screen Time

Understand WHY you’re limiting screen time, decide the rules then discuss and agree them, be utterly consistent, then help your child work out what else they can do.