What is a ‘parenting coach’?

What does parent coaching involve?

Do you need to see my child?

What problems DON'T you deal with?

What problems DO you deal with?

Will I always get you for my parenting sessions?

What availability do you have?

Are there parents you don’t work with?

Is it best to do the sessions on Skype or in person?

What will I need if I’m doing the sessions on Skype?

When can you do the parenting sessions?

What ways can I pay?

How many sessions does it take?

Can I carry on working with you afterwards?

How long is each session?

How long should there be between sessions?

Is this investment, good value for money?

Is it best to do the sessions on my own, or with my partner?

Should I tell my child I’m doing parenting sessions?

What if it doesn’t work for my child?

Do you have a special offer?

What will I need to do, after each session?

What happens during a parenting session?

Do I have to print out all the notes?

What qualifications do you have?