As Coronavirus forces school closures, and children are at home full time, the articles here will help you make the most of the opportunity to stay positive, and deeply connect with your children.  So, they look back on this pandemic as a fun, happy time with you. Plus, learn the skills of coping well with adversity by watching your example.


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Return to School After Coronavirus

Why is it important for children’s mental health to allow them to restart school this September? And how can you make the transition back to school as smooth as possible?

10 Steps to Care for Yourself – While You Care for Your Kids

During the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s vital that you look after yourself, to make sure that everyone at home is happy.
So, how do you do that during enforced isolation? These 10 steps will help you achieve peace of mind and stop feeling guilty when you give yourself a bit of self-care!

My son won’t do his schoolwork at home

“My son is 8. As soon as ‘home schooling’ was mentioned I knew this would be trouble for me.
Just like homework, he does not want to do it and if I offer rewards nothing makes a difference, any further conversation about it results in upset and tears.”

So, what’s the answer?

4 Ways to Help Your Child with Anxiety

How to help your child deal with anxieties and fears during the Coronavirus pandemic. So they learn vital skills that will help them stay calm.

Coronavirus – The Gift of Social Isolation

Could social isolation be a gift for you and your family? Could being stuck at home actually be a blessing to build family bonds, have fun, talk, and have more quality time together?

Coronavirus – Dealing with Conflict at home

Coronavirus-forced isolation can lead to a lot of conflict at home. Learn how to deal with parent/child conflict, help siblings sort out their own arguments, and sort out arguments with your teenager (or partner!) without conflict

Kids Starter Conversation Ideas

If your child is off school for a long time, it’s a good time to build your relationship. Here are some great questions to ask during mealtimes or quiet times to get some meaningful conversations started about Coronavirus, your child, your relationship, the family, values, school, emotions and more.

Parenting and Coronavirus – 7 ways to be a good leader

Parenting is leadership. During this Coronavirus pandemic here are 7 great ways to act more as a leader, set a great example and connect with the people who matter most in your life.

Why Routines are Vital to Help Children Cope Well during Coronavirus School Closures

Learn how to set up good routines, while your child is off school, to help them cope well with the uncertainty of life during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus school closures – 10 Ways to Cope With Your Child at home 24/7

is your child’s school or nursery shut, due to Coronavirus? Here are 10 great ideas to keep your child entertained and spend some quality time with them.