Speaking and Events for Corporates, Banks and Enlightened Employers

Elizabeth can provide the following support to parents in your workforce.

• Talks lasing 1 hour, 90 minutes or 2 hours
• Lunchtime, breakfast or evening talks
• Workshops on staff training days
• All-day parenting drop in clinics
• 5-week parenting courses (2 hours a week)
• Webinars

Lunchtime Talks

60 minute talk,  includes time for Q&A

1. Respect, Consent, Porn and Staying Safe

To address the concerns over the #metoo and ‘Everyone’s Invited’ movements and what parents need to know about keeping children safe from porn and sexual assault or abuse. This workshop is useful for parents who want to protect and empower their sons and daughters to:

  • Say no and stay safe
  • Understand consent
  • Have respect and healthy attitudes towards girls
  • Understand about porn, inappropriate images and sexting
  • What to do if their child sees porn
  • Recognise and challenge inappropriate behaviour – how to be a good bystander

2. Helping your child return to school after Coronavirus

  • How to help children with anxieties and fears
  • How to get children to really understand social distancing
  • How to get them back into a good routine
  • How to help them adapt to a new normal and
  • How to make the transition to the next school year or new school successfully

3. How to work from home with children at home

  • How to get your child to do school work and entertain themselves while you work
  • How to make sure your child doesn’t interrupt you on an important call
  • Creating a good balance of work and childcare
  • How to effectively share the workload of housework, cooking, etc. with partners and children.

4. The Secrets of a Happy Work / Life Balance for Working Parents

• How guilt and overcompensating are damaging your children.
• What your children really want from you.
• How to enjoy every minute you spend with your children. Even when they’re challenging!

5. Help Your Child Manage Their Feelings and Emotions

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, express, and manage emotions. Daniel Goleman wrote the book Emotional Intelligence, why it can matter more than IQ.
• The 5 key areas of Emotional Intelligence.
• How to help your child recognise different emotions.
• How to help a child manage difficult emotions.
• Steps to improve your child’s empathy and compassion.
• How to help your child to have a positive attitude.
• And how to help your child get on well with friends and other people

Other workshops you can book:

6. Aggression and Anger Management For Children

7. Encouraging Your Child To Be Independent And Self-Reliant

8. Exams – Help Your Child With Study And Revision Strategies

9. Help Your Child Make And Keep Good Friends

10. How To Get Your Child to Help at Home

11. How to Get Your Child to Do Homework without a Fuss (Honestly!)

12. Moving Schools and Transitioning To Secondary School

13. How To Stop Shouting At Your Children

14. Teach Problem Solving And Decision Making To Your Child

15. Teach Your Child Conflict Resolution

16. 10 Ways To Teach Children To Resist Peer Pressure

17. The ‘Bully-Proof Vest’ And How To Bully Proof Your Child

18. Into The Lion’s Den. Dealing with Quibbling Siblings.

19. Les Miserables. Dealing With Children’s Upsets And Disappointments

20. Buckle Up. Preparing For The Teenage Years

21. We’ve Gotta Get Out of This Place. Taming Toddler Tantrums

22. Every Time We Say Goodbye – Help Your Child With Separation Anxiety

25. The Secrets of Happy Well Behaved Children

Cost: £750 for a 60-minute interactive session.

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Individual parent support to solve employee’s parenting issues.

Some employees need extra help when issues with children cause difficulties or affect work satisfaction.

Issues Elizabeth can help parents to solve:
• Sleep problems
• Sibling Rivalry
• Homework hassles
• Bullying
• Getting children to cooperate
• Aggression
• Being ungrateful or entitled
• Lying
• Tantrums
• Disrespectful behaviour
• Hitting
• Friendship issues
• Dealing with upsets or disappointments
• Coping with the demands being a working parent
• Coping with divorce / separation