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Sometimes, parenting is exhausting. At times you’ll feel terrified, tearful, frustrated or at a complete loss about what to do. Especially if you’re dealing with an angry child who can be aggressive as well.

If you feel that way, it doesn’t make you a bad parent, it makes you normal! I have four children, so I know how hard it can be!

When you don’t have the strategies, tools and resources to sort out a problem, it’s important to find a mentor or guide to show you how to get things sorted. That’s where I come in!

I’m a child behaviour expert, and child anger management specialist.

I can show you how to sort out your child’s challenging behaviour during Skype parenting sessions. I do this by giving you clear, easy, step-by-step advice and strategies that have worked for hundreds of families. You will have access to your own private parenting course.

Does any of this sound familiar?

What is your child doing that you want to sort out?

  • Having angry outbursts at home and sometimes in front of the wider family?
  • One minute your child is kind and lovely, then suddenly at the smallest thing, they become angry and aggressive – like Jekyll and Hyde?
  • Being rude and disrespectful at home, despite being a ‘model’ child at school?
  • Lashing out with hitting, kicking or pinching?
  • Being destructive, breaking or throwing things?
  • Ignoring you? Not listening? Having to be told everything many times?
  • Downright refusing to do what you’ve asked?
  • Hurting, being rough, or winding up their brother or sister?
  • Always wanting to have their own way?
  • Saying things like “I hate myself. No-one likes me” or even “I wish I was dead”?
  • Dragging their heels, getting ready in the morning?
  • Having to be constantly reminded and nagged to do anything?
  • Having far too much screen time for your liking?
  • Always delaying bedtime? Or insisting you lie with them until they’re asleep?
  • Making you dread time with your child, walking on eggshells, terrified about when they’re going to kick off next?
  • Making you worry that if you don’t deal with this now, the teenage years could be a nightmare?

The good news is, family life doesn’t have to be like this. You can get your lovely child back with one of my Private parenting courses.

There are three steps to working with me.

  1. Arrange a call, so I can fully understand your child.
  2. Arrange six Skype sessions, to learn the parenting strategies YOU need.
  3. Get your lovely child back and enjoy a close, loving relationship with them.

You can book sessions during the day, at weekends, or in the evenings starting at 7.30 or 8 pm. Whatever works for you.

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Investment in Private Parenting Sessions

Learning new parenting skills is like learning to drive a car, or learning a new language. The skills are easy to learn, but you’ll need to be committed to adopting and practicing them consistently.

The cost is calculated according to the age of your oldest child.
Prices increase as children grow older, because their behaviour is harder to change the longer habits become entrenched. The investment also reflects the amount of support required between sessions.  

Six 90-minute sessions (plus unlimited text and e-mail support between sessions)

  • £1,500 – Toddlers aged 2 to 3
  • £1,800 – Children aged 4 to 10
  • £2,100 – Pre-teens aged 11 to 12
  • £2,600 –Teenagers aged 13 to 16

Special offer until 31st December 2022

Book 6 Zoom parenting sessions and pay in full before the second session,  to get an additional bonus – a 90-minute session, FREE, 4 to 6 weeks after the final session. To make sure everything is still working, provide accountability and tackle any new problems that arise after completing the course.

Payment Plan: Pay for the first session, then spread the remaining payments over 12 months, add 15%

Can’t afford this right now?

Working one-to-one with a child behaviour expert to guide you every step of the way really is the best and quickest option, to get your child’s behaviour sorted.
But with the cost of living crisis at the moment, if that just isn’t an option, you could do the DIY Calming Kids Course.

As a special offer you could add in three half-hour sessions with me, to help you make the most of the course, for an additional £300 and then you can also get my bespoke help for your child.

Just get back to me if you’d like to discuss this option.

Ready to take action?

Let me show you how to sort this out!

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So what do other parents say?

The course has made my husband and I feel so much more in control as we used to feel bewildered and angry with our children and have actually started to like them again. I cannot recommend this course enough!!

Neela, Mother of two

One of the main reasons we wanted to take the course was our difficulty dealing with our son, who we believe is in the autism spectrum (Aspergers).
As a result of attending the course we are now equipped with tools and techniques with great results I have to say.

I’m very used to meetings on Skype as I deal with global teams at work so pretty much business as usual. Elizabeth is very knowledgeable and experienced, with very clear and direct delivery, approachable and open to being challenged. I will be more than happy to recommend Elizabeth.

Manuel Ruiz, Dad of two

Elizabeth is the ‘child whisperer’ She is excellent. Working with her gives you a tool-kit to better manage the children and to better manage yourself. And doing the sessions by Skype was quite convenient
After working with Elizabeth, life is still hectic, but now I feel I have better tools to manage.

Paul Gooden

It’s totally amazing and that all the techniques have made such a great impact. It was brilliant to be able to do the sessions on Skype. My biggest problem with George was handling his aggressive behaviour and with Elizabeth’s techniques he is a changed boy,

Pia Chevallier
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Is there anything else you need to know?

  • Before you arrange the Skype Course, we’ll have a call so you can tell  me about your family, and your specific situation.
  • I don’t take on everyone. If I feel I can help, I will discuss how many sessions would be most suitable for your family.
  • All you need to do the online course is a Skype connection, a Skype ID, and (if possible) a printer.
  • You can choose to have a Skype call,  a Skype call without the video, or we can do the session by phone if you prefer.
  • I will e-mail some worksheets before each session for you to print off.
  • After each session I will e-mail the full notes from the session for you to keep for reference.
  • Payment can be made by bank transfer.
  • All of the parenting sessions are tailored to suit your needs and the needs of your family.
  • You will leave each session with an action plan which will include a range of solutions specific to you.
  • The skills you’ll learn will last throughout your child’s teenage years until they’re grown up.

Peace of Mind Plan

Parents who have completed the online parenting course can book the Peace of Mind plan – 5 x 60-minute online sessions. This can provide parenting support. Invaluable when you still want a parenting expert on speed dial, and to:

  • Consolidate parenting skills
  • Deal with new issues with your child for an entire year
  • Keep you on track, and provide accountability to keep using the skills
  • Provide expert parenting advice and help between sessions
  • Advanced parenting strategies

Before each session, you identify all the issues you want to resolve. During the session you will participate in drawing up an ‘Action Plan’ to resolve each issue.

Peace of Mind sessions are held once every 2 -3 months. With unlimited parenting text and e-mail support between sessions.

A years’ Peace of Mind after completing a parenting course
5 x 60-minute sessions and unlimited e-mail and text support:
£1000 if your child is aged 2-10
£1,500 if your child is aged 11-12
£2000 if your child is aged 13-16

Super-Nanny Service

If you would like Elizabeth to come to your home to watch your family in action and then give specific parenting coaching and offer tailor made solutions. Only suitable for parents of families with children under 8.  Please contact Elizabeth to discuss your requirements.
Price £4000 plus travel costs.

The Elite VIP Service

If your child is under 8, Elizabeth can to come to your home to watch your family in action. Then plan and teach you every parenting skill you need  in a series of tailor-made parenting sessions.  She will then continue to work with you for 12 months to ensure every problem you have with your children is sorted. So, for an entire year you have the family life you want and deserve. With unlimited text and e-mail support.
Price £6000 plus travel costs.

Book a call with me, and let’s get this sorted!

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