Who am I?

I’m Elizabeth O’Shea, a parenting coach, author, speaker, child behavioural expert and the director of Parent 4 Success, which I set up11 years ago.

I am one of the leading parenting specialists in the UK.

I appear regularly on BBC TV and Radio. I’ve appeared on BBC Breakfast (with Charlie and Louise on the sofa). I have been interviewed on Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, The BBC World Service, and appear regularly on Sky News.

With four children of my own – so I know how hard parenting can be!

So why did I become a parenting coach?

I used to work for a charity called Home-Start training volunteers to help families with children under 5. But I was made redundant when the charity ran out of funding. As it happens, just after losing my job, I had a slipped disk, which was pressing on a nerve, and it was so bad, I had to have emergency surgery on my back. While I spend 6 weeks not even able to sit down, I thought, what would I most like to do with my life?

The job I had enjoyed the most was when I ran my own parenting course, and I realised, if I could help a million children have a happier childhood, through helping their parents learn the best parenting skills, then, that’s what I would like to achieve in my lifetime.


I am qualified in four different types of parenting courses

  • Solihull Approach Parenting Programme Trainer
  • Approved Educator for The Parent Practice
  • Distinction in Parent Gym  Academy 
  • Webster Stratton ‘Incredible years’ Parenting Trainer

I have a Certificate to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (CTLLS)

And a BSc (hons) Nursing Studies

I offer busy parents the best bespoke parenting courses using tried and tested effective methods, face-to-face or on-line.

So, parents know they’ve chosen the best possible expert, I offer a money-back guarantee if problems aren’t solved or significantly reduced, but I’ve never needed to give a refund. My courses are accredited by ‘Can Parent’ (which is like OFSTED for Parenting Courses.)


Prior to setting up Parent 4 Success, I gained over five years’ experience training and supervising Home-Start volunteers who give support and friendship to families experiencing difficulties with children under 5. I also worked as a parenting specialist, for the YMCA, working with parents-to-be who had had abuse or neglect in the past to break the cycle.

I started running parenting courses in 2000 and have run parenting courses in schools in Surrey and West Sussex, and parenting workshops in schools, nurseries and Corporates throughout the UK

I have worked  in the medical sector and parenting professionally for over 30 years. I have four children of my own so have first-hand experience of dealing with the demands of providing 24 hour care for children and all their challenges.

I’ve helped hundreds of families, just like yours. Parents who work with me end up with a well-behaved, happy, emotionally healthy child who can grow up and make the a real difference in the world. Plus have a calm, happy family life and the skill set to deal with any problems if they arise again.

How it works

  1. Firstly, arrange a call, so I can find out more about the challenges you have with your child.
    If I can help, I’ll ask you to complete a background form, giving me more details about your child or children.
    I then plan a tailor-made parenting course for you to solve every problem you have with your child.
  2. Then on six parenting sessions, held on Zoom, I’ll show you exactly how to solve your child’s behaviour issues – teaching you skills that will change your family life forever.
    With simple, fast and effective solutions and a money-back guarantee. However, you will need to put the skills into practice. Like learning any new skill, it takes time and effort – but it does work!
  3. Then, sit back and enjoy family life again, with peace and harmony. Knowing how to prevent their poor behaviour, and exactly what to do if your child does behave badly.
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