Find out more about Parent 4 Success Consultant Training

Are you a parent wanting to find a part-time fulfilling career, helping parents and children have happier lives, that would fit around raising your family?

I am currently considering creating a course to train parents to become Parent 4 Success Consultants.

I would love to understand your needs. So, I can work out if this is a training programme worth building.

I would like to arrange a number of 30-minute calls with parents to find out more about your situation, and work out if there would be sufficient interest in building this course. And what a training course would need to look like to meet your needs.

I’d like to stress that I don’t have a finished course yet, and my objective Is to learn form you, not to sell or pitch anything to you.

However, if you would be willing to come on a 30-minute call with me, please contact me at, with ‘Yes -happy to help’ in the subject line

Many thanks,