Welcome to my blog with over a hundred articles. These are drawn from my 30 years’ experience raising babies, toddlers, children and teenagers, and 9 years’ working as a parenting coach. For specialist parenting advice and guidance on tackling children’s difficult behaviour or how to be a better parent.

How can you help your toddler to stop sucking their thumb? (Raising Toddlers #23)

Breaking the habit of thumb-sucking can be really hard. Follow these three guidelines to help your toddler learn to keep their thumb out of their mouth.

What can you do if you think your teenager is in an abusive relationship? (Video Tips for Raising Teenagers #23)

Is your teen’s girlfriend or boyfriend abusive? Three top tips to talk to your teenager about relationship abuse, help them open up to you and tactfully discuss behaviour that could be abusive.

Teach your child to be more compassionate

Is your child selfish or entitled? These three steps will help your child to become kinder and more compassionate, and enjoy helping others, because it feels good.

How can you deal with your teenager’s mobile phone obsession? (Video Tips for Raising Teenagers #26)

Is your teen obsessed with their phone? How can you help your teenager understand the impact it’s having, agree some sensible rules around their mobile use, and create a better balance in their lives?

How can you stop your toddler winding up a new puppy? (Raising Toddlers #22)

If you have a toddler and you’re getting a puppy use these three strategies to help your toddler learn the rules and make sure that both your toddler and puppy stay happy and safe.

Does your teenager feel entitled? (Video Tips for Raising Teenagers #22)

Fed up with your teenager’s entitled, selfish attitude? Learn what you can do to help them become more caring, build a stronger relationship and deal with self-centred behaviour.

How can you plan quality time with your children every day? (Video Tips for Raising Children #21)

These three steps are a game-changer to help you find quality time with each of your children, and how to enjoy that time, so you can re-connect, and both have fun.

How can you help your toddler adjust to a new baby? (Raising Toddlers #21)

The arrival of a new baby can upset your toddler. Use these three top tips to help prepare your toddler for the new baby and help them deal with not having your full attention.

How can you stop a teenager who’s been stealing? (Video Tips for Raising Teenagers #21)

Here are three top tips on how to confront your teenager about stealing, get them to repay or return items, and how to move on afterwards.

How do you reduce your child’s computer or TV time? (Video Tips for Raising Children #20)

Here are three ways to help your child understand why screen time should be limited, agree rules that are right for your family, and most importantly, how to get your child to follow screen time rules.

How can you help a toddler deal with the death of a pet? (Raising Toddlers #20)

The death of a pet may be your toddler’s first experience of death. Help them deal with the sadness, and come to terms with the loss, using these three strategies.

How should you deal with a teenager who is moody and surly? (Video Tips for Raising Teenagers #20)

Is your teenager hormonal, irritable or grumpy? Here’s how to start a conversation, listen to their concerns, and explain how it’s affecting you. Plus, how to stay cheerful, in spite of their moods!