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10 Reasons Children Shouldn’t Play Adult Rated Video Games

Here are 10 great reasons to explain to your child why they can’t play video games that are meant for adults or older children.

How to Talk to your Child About Terror Attacks

Terror attacks and disturbing news can traumatise children. Help reduce your child’s fears and worries using these 11 steps.

Is acting like a servant damaging your child?

How can acting like a servant or slave damage your child? Are you doing too much for your child? And how can you get them to help at home?

What can you do if your child is always negative and complaining? (Video Tips for Raising Children #26)

If you have a negative, complaining child 1. Empathise with your child’s negative thoughts. Don’t criticise them for being negative because it will make them feel even more helpless and hopeless.Instead, listen to them, and empathise with what they’re thinking – you could say:“It sounds like you’re really worried about the coach trip not knowing […]

How do you stop a toddler running off? (Raising Toddlers #26)

To stop a toddler running off firstly, explain about staying safe then ask your toddler lots of questions about what they need to do when you’re out.If your toddler can’t speak very well you give them the answers too. ‘So Max, when we go to the shops, where do you need to stay? (Yes, you […]

How can you help your child stop biting their nails? (Video Tips for Raising Children #25)

To help your child to stop biting their nails, firstly help your child make the decision they want to stop. Sit down with your child and get them to write down all the reasons they want to stop: Because their nails look horrible. Because of the germs- did you know that there are more germs […]

How can you teach your toddler not to interrupt when you’re talking? (Raising Toddlers #25)

To teach your toddler not to interrupt, firstly teach your toddler to put their hand on your arm when they want to interrupt.Explain to your toddler that it’s ok to want your attention, but it’s polite to let you finish what you were saying, and then you’ll be happy to listen to them. So you’re […]

How can you teach your teenager to say ‘no’ to peer pressure? (Video Tips for Raising Teenagers #25)

Help your teenager understand about peer pressure, learn 10 ways to say ‘no’ to peers, and help your teenager practice, so they’re ready to stand up to friends.

How can you make sure your child feels loved? (Video Tips for Raising Children #24)

Does your child feel loved? Here are three great ways to help your child know they’re loved and feel happy and secure in your love.

What can you do if your toddler hates hair-washing? (Raising Toddlers #24)

Does your toddler scream and cry over hair-washing? Help your toddler learn to cope with having their hair washed using these three effective strategies.

How can you do a digital detox with your teenager? (Video Tips for Raising Teenagers #24)

How can you get your teenager to agree to a digital detox? What do you need to prepare before the technology gets turned off? And how could you detox regularly?

How can you deal with an anxious child? (Video Tips for Raising Children #23)

if your child is anxious or worried, here are three great strategies to help your child feel heard and understood, deal with the fears and anxieties, and find good ways to help them cope.