How do you get your child to go to bed on time and stay there? (Video Tips for Raising Children #7)

How can you get your child to go to bed on time? Follow these three great ways to help your child understand the bedtime routine and follow it. Then stay in their bed all night.

What should you do if your child has a nightmare or a night terror? (Video Tips for Raising Children #6)

Is your child having nightmares or night terrors? Here are three simple ways to deal with nightmares and night terrors. So, your child settles quickly back to sleep.

What can you do with your child when it’s raining? (Video Tips for Raising Children #5)

Is your child stuck indoors because of the rain? Use these three tips to entertain your child and keep them happy despite the weather.

What can you do if your child hits or is aggressive? (Video Tips for Raising Children #4)

Do you have an aggressive child? Help your child learn to stop hitting out using these simple-but-effective tips. So, they become calmer and express their anger more appropriately

How can you stop shouting at your child? (Video Tips for Raising Children #3)

You CAN Stop shouting at your child. Use these three tips to help you change how you think, learn different ways of responding, and help your child behave well.

What should you do if your child says “I hate you?” (Video Tips for Raising Children #13)

What should you do if your child says, ‘I hate you’? Use these top tips to stay calm, help your child deal with their anger in a more constructive way, and find ways to rebuild your relationship.

How can you prepare your child for a planned operation in hospital? (Video Tips for Raising Children #8)

Does your child need to have an operation? Here’s how to prepare them for going into hospital, so your child understands what is happening and deals with the experience well.

What can you do if your child tells you they’re being bullied? (Video Tips for Raising Children #2)

If your child is being bullied, how should you deal with it? Follow these three steps to help your child deal with the bullying. What to do and what not to do.

How Can You Keep Your Child Safe? (Video Tips for Raising Children #1)

Crossing the road, medicines and child abusers can be dangerous to your child. Use these three great ways to help your child understand the dangers and learn common sense ways to stay safe.

Ten fun ways to help your child manage money –from toddlers to teens

How can you help your child become financially independent? Here are 10 tips to help a toddler, child or teenager learn money management skills.

6 Tips to Help your Negative Child

Some children are always negative, complaining and whinging. Here are 6 practical steps to help your child have a more positive outlook in life.

5 steps to stop shouting at your children

If you’re serious about wanting to stop shouting at your child, here are 5 steps to take to stop the shouting habit.

20 Reasons Why Children Need Dads

Children benefit from having two loving parents in their lives. Here are 20 reasons why it’s good for children to spend time with their Dad.

Homework Heaven

Fed up with all the arguments and fusses over homework? These four simple steps could be all you need to change homework hell to heaven!

Christmas Traditions

Why not give your Christmas traditions some thought and see what magic you can create this year?

11 Ways to Help your Child Cope with Frustration

Does your child struggle with frustrations? Here are 11 practical steps to help your child learn to be resilient, and cope well when they want something but can’t have it.

15 ways to protect your children from growing up too fast

Is your child growing up too fast? Read these 15 practical steps you can you use to preserve your child’s childhood and innocence.

The 10 biggest mistakes parents make

10 parenting mistakes and how to avoid them in YOUR family. From ensuring quality time and family fun through to positive discipline and tackling poor habits.

Tips for working parents

Are you feeling frustrated and guilty as a working parent? Here are practical tips to help you create a healthy work life balance and enjoy your child.

As a Child of Divorced Parents – what I want…

If you divorce, what would your child want? Learn what your child needs you to do, so they can survive and thrive after your divorce.

How to Keep the Children Entertained

Is your child bored? Do you need to entertain them? Here is a whole list of ideas for indoor and outdoor fun to keep your little one happy and occupied.

A step by step approach to resolving conflict for family harmony

Do you struggle with conflict? Use this ‘resolving conflict worksheet’ to plan a difficult discussion with your spouse, partner or teenager for the best possible outcome.

Is your child’s teacher your ally or enemy?

How can you foster a good relationship with your child’s teacher? And what are the benefits if you do?

Parenting together: Using problem solving to set family rules

Do you have a united front with your partner? No? then follow this step-by-step process to discuss and agree YOUR family rules.