26 ways to communicate better with your child

26 simple-yet-effective ways to talk and listen to your child. To create a close bond and help them feel heard, understood and valued.

10 Secrets of Helping your Child Make and Keep Friends

Does your child struggle with friendships? Read these top tips and essential strategies to help your child attract and keep good friends.

14 tips for Helping Children with Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence will determine your child’s life happiness. But what can you DO AND SAY to help your child handle their own feelings and the feelings of others?

How to teach your child problem solving

Instead of telling your child what to do when they have a problem, teach them the life-skill of finding solutions to their own issues using this process.

Is it true you should never punish a child?

Punishment doesn’t work to change your child’s behaviour long-term. However, find out how ‘natural consequences’ could be the key.

When to ignore bad behaviour (and when not to)

Your child will sometimes push you to your limits. Find out when it’s best to ignore poor behaviour, and the ‘trick’ to reinforce good behaviour.

Setting rules and boundaries

What sorts of rules should you have in your family? How should they be worded? And most importantly, how do you get your child to consistently stick to them?

The best rewards to encourage good behaviour

Here’s a great list of fun, meaningful activities to motivate your child to get over the hump of adopting a new rule or routine, that are more effective than a ‘sticker.’

Giving children positive attention and praise

Instead of criticising, find out how to give positive, descriptive praise, that helps your child feel appreciated and motivates them to want to behave well.

How can we play with our children?

Do you find it difficult to play with your child. Find out how to play, how to deal with competitive games and how to tap into your inner child and have fun.

Travelling with children. Ways to stay sane

Here is a great list of things you can do when travelling with children that can make long journeys more manageable… and even fun!

12 Ways to Help Children Manage their Anger

Here’s 12 simple steps to teach your child how to manage their anger and learn more acceptable ways of dealing with angry feelings.

Beating Anger. Tips for Parents

Do you find yourself shouting at your child? Or even smacking them? Find out how to stay calm and re-frame your thoughts when your child pushes your buttons.

How can you teach children to learn from mistakes?

Discover common mistakes parents make when children behave badly, and how to help your child actually LEARN from mistakes, so they don’t repeat them again and again.

Discipline without shouting or smacking

Find out how to set good rules in your home, and six ways to discipline your child, that don’t involve shouting or smacking.

Is your child in control in your household?

Effective ways to get back in control if your child is controlling you with screaming, sulking, running for it, becoming a dead-weight or using pester power!

Children need Grandparents

Why is it important that children have grandparents in their lives? How can you maximise opportunities if they live far away and foster a close bond? For your child’s sake.

Good cop bad cop? Do you parent as a team?

Having a united front is so important for parents. But how do you agree when you both have different parenting styles?

Boiling point. How do you keep your cool when your child drives you nuts?

It can be tough dealing with the daily demands of being a parent. Here are some useful tips and strategies to make parenting more enjoyable.

Stressed? Tired? Fed-up? How much do you enjoy being a parent?

It can be tough dealing with the daily demands of being a parent. Here are some useful tips and strategies to make parenting more enjoyable.

Are you a slave to your child?

Sick of housework? A few simple steps can get your children helping. So, they do more for themselves and you can raise them to become responsible adults who can take care of themselves.

My child is disrespectful. What can I do?

Here are 9 specific ways to tackle the issue, when a six-year-old is rude and says hurtful things. Especially when a friend is over to play.

Is there really an alternative to ‘Compulsive consumerism’?

As children are exposed to more adverts and marketing, how can you stop your child becoming entitled, demanding the latest technology and wanting things that they don’t ‘need?’

Managing Aggression, and Sibling Fighting

Ready to get hitting, biting or sibling rivalry sorted? Here is a list of tips and techniques to use to deal with your child if they are aggressive at home