Is acting like a servant damaging your child?

How can acting like a servant or slave damage your child? Are you doing too much for your child? And how can you get them to help at home?

What can you do if your child is always negative and complaining? (Video Tips for Raising Children #26)

If you have a negative, complaining child 1. Empathise with your child’s negative thoughts. Don’t criticise them for being negative because it will make them feel even more helpless and hopeless.Instead, listen to them, and empathise with what they’re thinking – you could say:“It sounds like you’re really worried about the coach trip not knowing […]

How can you help your child stop biting their nails? (Video Tips for Raising Children #25)

To help your child to stop biting their nails, firstly help your child make the decision they want to stop. Sit down with your child and get them to write down all the reasons they want to stop: Because their nails look horrible. Because of the germs- did you know that there are more germs […]

How can you make sure your child feels loved? (Video Tips for Raising Children #24)

Does your child feel loved? Here are three great ways to help your child know they’re loved and feel happy and secure in your love.

How can you deal with an anxious child? (Video Tips for Raising Children #23)

if your child is anxious or worried, here are three great strategies to help your child feel heard and understood, deal with the fears and anxieties, and find good ways to help them cope.

Teach your child to be more compassionate

Is your child selfish or entitled? These three steps will help your child to become kinder and more compassionate, and enjoy helping others, because it feels good.

How can you plan quality time with your children every day? (Video Tips for Raising Children #21)

These three steps are a game-changer to help you find quality time with each of your children, and how to enjoy that time, so you can re-connect, and both have fun.

How do you reduce your child’s computer or TV time? (Video Tips for Raising Children #20)

Here are three ways to help your child understand why screen time should be limited, agree rules that are right for your family, and most importantly, how to get your child to follow screen time rules.

Sky News: Overindulging Children

Sky News interviews Elizabeth to discuss Prue Leith’s comments about modern parents overindulging their children.

How can you teach your child about child abuse? (Video Tips for Raising Children #19)

Follow these three steps to learn how to teach your child about child abuse without scaring them, and make sure your child knows exactly what to do in an unsafe situation.

Sky News: Nappies at School

Elizabeth on Sky News talking about children wearing nappies to school in primary and secondary school. And how it affects their mental and emotional health.

Should Parents go to Parenting Classes?

Elizabeth talks to Sky News about whether it should be normal for every parent to attend parenting classes.

Out of Control 7-Year Old

Elizabeth talks to Jonathan Vernon-Smith on Radio Three Counties about Vicky who rang in to talk about her out-of-control 7 year old.

Should the Government Ban Smacking?

Elizabeth discusses on Sky News the UN resolution to ban smacking in the UK. Should children be the only group of people who are not protected from physical violence in the UK? Do children have a right to a violence-free childhood?

Sky News: Dangers of Social Media

Here’s Elizabeth talking on Sky News about the dangers of Social Media

How can you have more fun together as a family? (Video Tips for Raising Children #18)

Use these three great ways to increase the amount of fun you have with your family, plus ways to lighten up and enjoy family life more.

How can you get your child to do homework without a fuss? (Video Tips for Raising Children #17)

Fed up with the fights and arguments over homework? When you consistently use these three tips, your child will learn to do their homework on time, without a fuss. Brilliant!

How can you deal with your child’s angry outburst? (Video Tips for Raising Children #16)

What should you do when your child has an angry outburst or tantrum? Follow these simple tried-and-tested techniques to help your child calm down quickly and learn to deal with angry feelings better in future.

How can you stop your child lying? (Video Tips for Raising Children #15)

Does your child lie to you? Here are three great tips and techniques to tackle the lie and help your child tell the truth in future.

How can you help a child, when a parent or brother or sister dies? (Video Tips for Raising Children #14)

When someone close to your child dies, here’s how to help them through the grief and learn to cope with the huge hole left by the death of a parent or sibling.

How do you teach your child to play on their own without electronics? (Video Tips for Raising Children #12)

How can your child entertain themselves when not on technology? Teach your child to play on their own, and find things to do, when not in front of a screen.

How can you get your child to help around the house? (Video Tips for Raising Children #11)

Fed up doing all the jobs at home? Use these three genius steps to get your child helping around the home and doing their chores consistently and well.

stop your children being rude at home

Does your child answer you back or speak rudely? Here are three top tips to help your child remember to speak respectfully and politely consistently. So, your home is a happier place to live for everyone

How can you stop siblings from fighting? (Video Tips for Raising Children #9)

Fed up with your children arguing and fighting? Here are three great ways to help your children get on better and reduce sibling rivalry and arguments.