‘Discover the Secrets of Having Well-Behaved, Happy Children’ in ten weeks!

The benefits to the nursery / school are:

  • Enhanced behaviour in school  – everything from attendance, punctuality, friendships, behaviour in class and concentration.
  • Better sense of community at the nursery / school as parents mix and bond, with shared stories and experiences on the course.
  • Parent satisfaction – Parents will really value the parenting course at the nursery /school. And usually write excellent testimonials to use in reports.
  • Improved pupils’ home lives – This course will have a life-long impact on the quality of the childhoods of children who attend the nursery / school.
  • Better educational achievements – with more structure and boundaries at home, children will be better able to learn.

The course includes sessions on:

1. Descriptive Praise – To help children feel more confident, make them more cooperative and more willing to try new things.

2. Emotion Coaching – Which helps parents deal with their children’s upset or anger much better, defuses tantrums, and helps children open up about their difficult feelings.

3. Setting up for Success – Rather than crossing their fingers and hoping their children will behave, parents can use the ‘chat through’ to make sure children behave well in situations which could potentially cause problems. This is the technique parents will use to encourage good behaviour in nursery /school when they’re not around!

4. Rules, routines and rewards – This will help the children’s home lives become much more structured, and show parents how to be firm about boundaries they want to set. It will also help them set up good morning, homework, mealtime and bedtime routines. And use cheap or free rewards (often quality time with a parent) to reinforce good behaviour

5. Positive Discipline – In this session parents will learn 14 effective ways to discipline their children, without even raising their voice, and how to help children learn from mistakes. (The holy grail of parenting!)

6. Encouraging independence – Parents will learn how to help the children do more for themselves (such as dressing, getting ready and getting themselves organised) and encourage other good habits such as doing homework and helping around the home.

7. Being in Charge – In this session parents will learn how to get back in charge at home- using positive methods of managing their children’s behaviour – without being over-controlling!

8. Fostering harmony – Parents will learn how to deal with sibling rivalry at home and how to help children make and keep friends.

9. Keeping Calm – Parents can’t access good parenting techniques if they’re shouting or losing their temper. So in this session parents will learn how to stay calm. And we’ll also look at children’s temperaments and developmental stages so parents understand their children’s behaviour better.

10. What to do when Kids push your buttons – every parent finds their children do things that wind them up. In this session parents will learn how feel differently about things that they currently get angry about.
As we go through the course, all the problems raised by the parents will also be dealt with.

The cost of the ten week course would be only £2,500 for any Horsham school or nursery. (This is a big discount as the course normally costs £397 per person). The sessions are for 2 hours a week and can be held on any morning or afternoon during school time, or during the evening if you would prefer. With a break for half-term. And can have between 4-20 participants.
For schools outside the 10 mile radius, add £1 /mile travel expenses and time.
Where weekly travel is not appropriate, (or for courses outside the UK,) the same course for parents can be held over two days.

There is a folder of worksheets and information to accompany the course. If you would like me to prepare the folders the cost would be £25 for each folder. Or you can photocopy or print your own to keep the costs down.

Please click here for just a taste of the many positive testimonials parents have given about this course.

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