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stop your children being rude at home

Does your child answer you back or speak rudely? Here are three top tips to help your child remember to speak respectfully and politely consistently. So, your home is a happier place to live for everyone

What should you do if your teenager is rude to you? (Video Tips for Raising Teenagers #9)

Fed up with your teenager being rude and difficult? Use these three great tips to restore respect, tackle rudeness and get your teen to make amends.

How can you get your toddler sleeping again after an illness or holiday? (Video Tips for Raising Toddlers #9)

If your toddler has started waking again in the night, after an illness or vacation, use these three simple strategies to get them sleeping through the night again.

How can you stop siblings from fighting? (Video Tips for Raising Children #9)

Fed up with your children arguing and fighting? Here are three great ways to help your children get on better and reduce sibling rivalry and arguments.

How should you talk to a teenager about alcohol? (Video Tips for Raising Teenagers #8)

Worried about your teenager and alcohol? Help them understand the dangers of alcohol, find out their views, and help them find better ways to deal with the frustrations of life.

How do you get your child to go to bed on time and stay there? (Video Tips for Raising Children #7)

How can you get your child to go to bed on time? Follow these three great ways to help your child understand the bedtime routine and follow it. Then stay in their bed all night.

How can you stop your toddler hitting? (Video Tips for Raising Toddlers #7)

It’s infuriating if your toddler hits you or other people. Three top tips to help your little one learn to keep their hands to themselves.

What can you do if your teenager is bullied? (Video Tips for Raising Teenagers #7)

Is your teenager being bullied? Follow these three steps to help your teen deal with the bully in the best way possible. Plus, what you should do, and not do, as a parent.

What should you do if your child has a nightmare or a night terror? (Video Tips for Raising Children #6)

Is your child having nightmares or night terrors? Here are three simple ways to deal with nightmares and night terrors. So, your child settles quickly back to sleep.

How can you help your toddler feel less upset when you leave them? (Video Tips for Raising Toddlers #6)

Do you have a toddler who cries every time you leave them? Help settle your toddlers’ separation anxiety using these three useful strategies.

Give Your Teenager More Independence

Use these three genius ways to prepare your teenager for difficulties. So, you can allow more independence whilst feeling confident your teenager can stay safe.

What can you do with your child when it’s raining? (Video Tips for Raising Children #5)

Is your child stuck indoors because of the rain? Use these three tips to entertain your child and keep them happy despite the weather.

How do you get your reluctant toddler into their car seat? (Video Tips for Raising Toddlers #5)

Use these three simple-yet-effective strategies to help your toddler get into their car seat calmly and happily.

What should you do when your teenager loses their temper? (Video Tips for Raising Teenagers #5)

An angry teenager can be frightening. Use these three steps to defuse the anger quickly, find the right time to talk, and help your teenager explore good solutions.

What can you do if your child hits or is aggressive? (Video Tips for Raising Children #4)

Do you have an aggressive child? Help your child learn to stop hitting out using these simple-but-effective tips. So, they become calmer and express their anger more appropriately

How can you stop your toddler throwing things? (Video Tips for Raising Toddlers #4)

Is it possible to stop a toddler throwing things? Use these three strategies -exactly what to say and do – to help your toddler learn to stop.

Discipline For Teenagers

Teenagers still need discipline. But how can you help your teenager make amends, learn from mistakes or learn from natural consequences? Here’s how!

How can you stop shouting at your child? (Video Tips for Raising Children #3)

You CAN Stop shouting at your child. Use these three tips to help you change how you think, learn different ways of responding, and help your child behave well.

How do you stop a toddler insisting ‘Mummy do it’ or ‘Daddy do it?’ (Video Tips for Raising Toddlers #3)

How can you deal with a toddler that only wants one parent to put them to bed, or strap them into their car seat? Here’s how!

How do you have a difficult conversation with your teenager? (Video Tips for Raising Teenagers #3)

Need to have a tricky conversation with your teenager? Follow these three top tips to explain yourself well, empathise with your teen, and find solutions for the best possible outcome.

What should you do if your child says “I hate you?” (Video Tips for Raising Children #13)

What should you do if your child says, ‘I hate you’? Use these top tips to stay calm, help your child deal with their anger in a more constructive way, and find ways to rebuild your relationship.

How can you stop a toddler biting? (Video Tips for Raising Toddlers #8)

It’s hard to understand what to do when a toddler bites. Here are three great strategies to help your toddler to stop biting.

How can you prepare your child for a planned operation in hospital? (Video Tips for Raising Children #8)

Does your child need to have an operation? Here’s how to prepare them for going into hospital, so your child understands what is happening and deals with the experience well.

How should you deal with a full blown tantrum? (Video Tips for Raising Toddlers #2)

Find out the three top things to say and do when your toddler has a tantrum. Strategies that work to defuse the tension and help your toddler handle big emotions