Video Guides

Three top tips in three minutes. Explore these short video guides, packed full of useful tips and practical parenting advice to tackle many of the challenges parents face raising toddlers, children or teenagers.

Do you wish your relationship with your teenager was closer? (Video Tips for Raising Teenagers #2)

Want to feel closer to your teenager? Here are three great ways to reconnect and get back a happier, closer relationship with your teen.

How can you stop a toddler whining? (Video Tips for Raising Toddlers #1)

Does your toddler’s whining drive you mad? Here are three simple ways to get your toddler to speak to you in their normal voice.

What can you do if your child tells you they’re being bullied? (Video Tips for Raising Children #2)

If your child is being bullied, how should you deal with it? Follow these three steps to help your child deal with the bullying. What to do and what not to do.

Is Your Teenager Spending Way Too Long on Video Games? (Video Tips for Raising Teenagers #1)

Ready to tackle your teen’s addiction to video games? Use these three steps to agree a time limit, get them to stick to the time limit and find other things to do after screen time.

How Can You Keep Your Child Safe? (Video Tips for Raising Children #1)

Crossing the road, medicines and child abusers can be dangerous to your child. Use these three great ways to help your child understand the dangers and learn common sense ways to stay safe.