Video Guides

Three top tips in three minutes. Explore these short video guides, packed full of useful tips and practical parenting advice to tackle many of the challenges parents face raising toddlers, children or teenagers.

How can you get a toddler to sit at the table to eat? (Raising Toddlers #18)

Does your toddler keep getting down from the table? Here are three effective ways to help your toddler sit at the table for the entire mealtime.

How can you prevent your teenager trying drugs? (Video Tips for Raising Teenagers #18)

What can you say and do to PREVENT your teenager from trying drugs? How can you explain your expectations, and what is the ‘secret’ to make it likely they won’t ever use drugs?

How can you get your child to do homework without a fuss? (Video Tips for Raising Children #17)

Fed up with the fights and arguments over homework? When you consistently use these three tips, your child will learn to do their homework on time, without a fuss. Brilliant!

How can you stop a toddler saying ‘no?’ (Raising Toddlers #17)

Is ‘no’ your toddler’s favourite word? Here’s how to break the habit and get a more toddler who is more willing to cooperate and do as you ask.

How can you get your teenager to help at home? (Video Tips for Raising Teenagers #17)

Help your teenager understand the benefits of helping at home, teach them to do household tasks well, and enjoy more quality time with your teenager with the time you save when they help out.

How can you get your toddler to sleep in their own bed? (Raising Toddlers #16)

If you’re tired of trying to sleep with a wriggling toddler in your bed, here are three top tips to get them sleeping in their own bed all night. Bliss!

How can you deal with your child’s angry outburst? (Video Tips for Raising Children #16)

What should you do when your child has an angry outburst or tantrum? Follow these simple tried-and-tested techniques to help your child calm down quickly and learn to deal with angry feelings better in future.

How can you show your teenager how to respond to Cyberbullying? (Video Tips for Raising Teenagers #16)

Cyberbullying is vicious and nasty. Teach your teenager exactly what to do, if they are bullied online, so they are prepared and learn how best to support your teenager if they are bullied.

How can you stop your child lying? (Video Tips for Raising Children #15)

Does your child lie to you? Here are three great tips and techniques to tackle the lie and help your child tell the truth in future.

How can you discipline your toddler without using the naughty step? (Raising Toddlers #15)

If you’ve realised the naughty step isn’t working for your toddler, here are three ways to discipline your toddler that are more effective, and less punitive.

How can you stop a teenager spending so long on Facebook? (Video Tips for Raising Teenagers #15)

Is your teenager addicted to Facebook? Discover how you can help them understand the dangers and get them to agree sensible limits for their Facebook use.

How can you help a child, when a parent or brother or sister dies? (Video Tips for Raising Children #14)

When someone close to your child dies, here’s how to help them through the grief and learn to cope with the huge hole left by the death of a parent or sibling.

How do you get a teenager to clear up after themselves? (Video Tips for Raising Teenagers #14)

Fed up with your teenager’s mess? Discover the right approach to get your teenager to clear up after themselves, and keep them motivated to tidy their things up.

How can you get your toddler talking clearly? (Video Tips for Raising Toddlers #14)

Does your toddler say things only you can understand? If your toddler gets frustrated trying to communicate with other people, here’s how to get your toddler to say the words clearly.

What should you do if you discover your teenager is self-harming? (Video Tips for Raising Teenagers #13)

Shocked your teenager is self-harming? Learn how to respond effectively, find the right person your teenager can talk to, and find other ways to deal with emotional pain.

How should you tell your toddler you’re pregnant? (Video Tips for Raising Toddlers #13)

Having a new baby can be exciting, but it is good to prepare your toddler well. Use these three important tips to get it right.

What can you do if your teenager won’t talk to you? (Video Tips for Raising Teenagers #12)

Is your teen sulky or silent? Here’s how to plan a conversation, empathise with your teenager and change what you notice about your teen, to rebuild a good relationship.

How can you get a toddler to give up their dummy? (Video Tips for Raising Toddlers #12)

It can be really hard for a toddler to stop using a dummy. Use these three tips to help your toddler ditch the dummy for good.

How do you teach your child to play on their own without electronics? (Video Tips for Raising Children #12)

How can your child entertain themselves when not on technology? Teach your child to play on their own, and find things to do, when not in front of a screen.

How can you help if your teenager’s depressed? (Video Tips for Raising Teenagers #11)

Is your teenager depressed? Find out how to listen and talk to your teen, encourage them to do things that will help, and where to find professional help, if needed.

How can you get your child to help around the house? (Video Tips for Raising Children #11)

Fed up doing all the jobs at home? Use these three genius steps to get your child helping around the home and doing their chores consistently and well.

How do you get your toddler into a good bedtime routine? (Video Tips for Raising Toddlers #11)

Here are three simple steps to get your toddler into a good bedtime routine, and ways to help them remember what to do.

Does your teenager criticise or even hate the way they look? (Video Tips for Raising Teenagers #10)

Does your teenager have body-image issues? Find out how to talk to your teenager about their looks, help them develop a healthy perspective about their body and boost their self-esteem and confidence.

How do you potty train a toddler without getting stressed? (Video Tips for Raising Toddlers #10)

Potty training can be a nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be! Here are fun ways to get your toddler using the potty, and still stay sane!