parenting techniques

How to help your child prepare for University

If your child is going to University, here are lots of practical ideas and suggestions to set your teenager up for a successful start to Uni life.

A step by step approach to resolving conflict for family harmony

Do you struggle with conflict? Use this ‘resolving conflict worksheet’ to plan a difficult discussion with your spouse, partner or teenager for the best possible outcome.

41 things you can do if your teenager steals from you

Is your teenager stealing? Here are 41 practical ideas and strategies to tackle the stealing and help your teen learn to be honest and trustworthy.

27 Tips on How to Reduce your Children’s Screen Time

Fed up with your child on the computer or mobile? Find out the disadvantages of screen time and learn 27 practical tips and tricks to reduce your child’s screen time.

Is your child’s teacher your ally or enemy?

How can you foster a good relationship with your child’s teacher? And what are the benefits if you do?

Parent 4 Success on the BBC

Getting your baby to sleep can be a trauma. Is controlled crying a good technique to use? Charlie and Louise with Elizabeth O’Shea on BBC Breakfast

Parenting together: Using problem solving to set family rules

Do you have a united front with your partner? No? then follow this step-by-step process to discuss and agree YOUR family rules.

26 ways to communicate better with your child

26 simple-yet-effective ways to talk and listen to your child. To create a close bond and help them feel heard, understood and valued.

How to stop feeling overwhelmed as a parent

Feeling fed up as a parent? Use these 11 practical steps to help you feel more positive change your perspective on the challenges.

14 tips for Helping Children with Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence will determine your child’s life happiness. But what can you DO AND SAY to help your child handle their own feelings and the feelings of others?

How to teach your child problem solving

Instead of telling your child what to do when they have a problem, teach them the life-skill of finding solutions to their own issues using this process.

The ‘Controlled Crying’ sleep technique

Baby older than 6 months old and not sleeping through? Step by step instructions for the ‘Controlled crying’ technique so your baby sleeps through the night.

25 ways to calm a crying baby

Hearing a baby cry can be so distressing. Here are 25 tips and techniques you can use to help settle and soothe your baby when they’re crying

Travelling with children. Ways to stay sane

Here is a great list of things you can do when travelling with children that can make long journeys more manageable… and even fun!

How can you teach children to learn from mistakes?

Discover common mistakes parents make when children behave badly, and how to help your child actually LEARN from mistakes, so they don’t repeat them again and again.

Discipline without shouting or smacking

Find out how to set good rules in your home, and six ways to discipline your child, that don’t involve shouting or smacking.