Welcome to my blog with over a hundred articles. These are drawn from my 30 years’ experience raising babies, toddlers, children and teenagers, and 9 years’ working as a parenting coach. For specialist parenting advice and guidance on tackling children’s difficult behaviour or how to be a better parent.

What should you do if your child says “I hate you?” (Video Tips for Raising Children #13)

What should you do if your child says, ‘I hate you’? Use these top tips to stay calm, help your child deal with their anger in a more constructive way, and find ways to rebuild your relationship.

How can you stop a toddler biting? (Video Tips for Raising Toddlers #8)

It’s hard to understand what to do when a toddler bites. Here are three great strategies to help your toddler to stop biting.

How can you prepare your child for a planned operation in hospital? (Video Tips for Raising Children #8)

Does your child need to have an operation? Here’s how to prepare them for going into hospital, so your child understands what is happening and deals with the experience well.

How should you deal with a full blown tantrum? (Video Tips for Raising Toddlers #2)

Find out the three top things to say and do when your toddler has a tantrum. Strategies that work to defuse the tension and help your toddler handle big emotions

Do you wish your relationship with your teenager was closer? (Video Tips for Raising Teenagers #2)

Want to feel closer to your teenager? Here are three great ways to reconnect and get back a happier, closer relationship with your teen.

How can you stop a toddler whining? (Video Tips for Raising Toddlers #1)

Does your toddler’s whining drive you mad? Here are three simple ways to get your toddler to speak to you in their normal voice.

What can you do if your child tells you they’re being bullied? (Video Tips for Raising Children #2)

If your child is being bullied, how should you deal with it? Follow these three steps to help your child deal with the bullying. What to do and what not to do.

Should everyone be offered parenting classes?

Elizabeth O’Shea (parenting specialist) speak on Sky news about if parents need professional parenting courses. Government Help David Cameron released a statement  saying that all parents should be offered parenting classes, regardless of their socioeconomic background. Being a parenting expert, I see the huge impact that parenting classes can have on family life. As Michael […]

Is Your Teenager Spending Way Too Long on Video Games? (Video Tips for Raising Teenagers #1)

Ready to tackle your teen’s addiction to video games? Use these three steps to agree a time limit, get them to stick to the time limit and find other things to do after screen time.

How Can You Keep Your Child Safe? (Video Tips for Raising Children #1)

Crossing the road, medicines and child abusers can be dangerous to your child. Use these three great ways to help your child understand the dangers and learn common sense ways to stay safe.

Ten fun ways to help your child manage money –from toddlers to teens

How can you help your child become financially independent? Here are 10 tips to help a toddler, child or teenager learn money management skills.

6 Tips to Help your Negative Child

Some children are always negative, complaining and whinging. Here are 6 practical steps to help your child have a more positive outlook in life.