In the media

Elizabeth’s expert parenting advice is frequently sought after by the press on how parents can deal with children’s difficult behaviour. Here’s Elizabeth in the media – on BBC Breakfast, Sky News, Radio 4 woman’s hour, BBC radio and in the papers.


BBC Sussex: Allowing children freedom

After April Jones was abducted, the question is asked: How can you allow children freedom while still keeping them safe? Should you just keep them indoors?

BBC Sussex: What makes a good parent?

What makes a good parent? What basic skills do parents need? How can you raise an independent, resilient child? Especially if you didn’t have a good childhood yourself?

BBC Sussex: Secrets to a stress free Christmas

How can you reduce the stress at Christmas? Some great tips for Christmas lunch, and creating Christmas traditions that aren’t just related to present-buying,

BBC Sussex: Robbie Williams’ new baby

As Robbie Williams becomes a father he reveals he is terrified. How can new parents get it right, and make sure they don’t raise entitled children?

BBC Sussex: Child Obesity

Should overweight children be taken into care? How can parents provide children with a healthy diet and enough exercise?

BBC Sussex: Can you teach parents how to be better parents?

Will the parents, who really need it, go on a parenting course? Should parenting be taught in schools?

BBC Sussex: Child depression

What can you do, as a parent, to avoid children suffering from depression? How can you give them unconditional love, and be more positive towards your children?