Mini-Workshops for Staff

I am able to offer a mini-workshop for staff at any school or nursery within Horsham (or within one hour’s drive). A fee of £40 is requested to cover expenses.

The mini-workshop lasts for half-an-hour a half-hour with an opportunity to ask questions for 30 minutes afterwards,

Topics include:

  • Improving Children’s Motivation
  • Dealing with Children’s Emotions
  • Dealing with Disruptive Behaviour Positively
  • Helping Children Learn from Mistakes
  • Helping Children Problem-solve
  • Getting Children to Do Things the First Time you Ask
  • Dealing with Children’s Friendship Issues
  • Managing Aggression in the Classroom
  • Techniques to Improve a Child’s Behaviour
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Call today on: 01403 839683 or contact us here